Limited Edition Skin Reboot Kit

SGD $275 SGD $450

Powerful on their own, twice as good together. Unlock genetic youthfulness and reboot cellular renewal with this Skin Reboot Kit.

Kit includes:

     • VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum, 30ml

Unlock genetic youthfulness with our NEW VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum, a powerful youth-boosting serum designed to delay all signs of biological skin ageing and accelerate cellular renewal for youthful looking skin.

To effectively slow down biological skin ageing, it uses an innovative regenerative plant stem cell technology to stimulate, regenerate, and reboot the skin back to its most youthful state. It preserves the activity of epidermal stem cells in the skin, reduces DNA damage to skin cells, supports a healthy skin microbiome, and improves the skin’s immunity, protecting it from factors that could cause ageing, regardless of the skin’s actual age.

       • VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Cream, 50ml

Future-proof your skin and unlock your skin’s beauty potential with our NEW VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Cream, an innovative regenerative cream that awakens and energises your skin cells to promote collagen synthesis, firming the skin and smoothing fine lines while dramatically improving skin health.

  • Limited Edition Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift & Sculpt Facial Roller (worth $106)

Handcrafted from Rose Quartz that is known as the stone of self love, self care and healing, this Vibrating Facial Roller stimulates circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting your face.

With 3 levels of vibration (Low intensity (single light) 6,000 RPM, Medium intensity (double light) 10,000 RPM, High intensity (triple light) 15,000 RPM), this Rose Quartz Facial Roller supports lymphatic drainage and helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Includes 2 roller heads: the smooth roller head for a relaxing facial massage to alleviate negativity and tension, or the ridged roller head for a stronger face lifting and sculpting effect.

Pair it with the ést.lab VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum and Skin Reboot Cream for optimal age-defying results and to further sculpt the face. Includes an on-the-go pouch in a perfect size for your daily essentials or skincare minis for your next staycation!

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  1. Apply your ést.lab serum or cream and spread it evenly on face and neck.
  2. Press power button 3 times to turn on the device.
  3. Press and hold power button to change vibration frequency.
  4. Gently glide the facial roller on face and neck as shown.
  5. Always use the facial roller to massage in outward and upward motions, repeating 3-5 times per area.
  6. Press power button 3 times to turn off the device.
  7. After each use, clean the roller head with an anti-bacterial wipe. 8. For best results, use for 3 to 5 minutes daily.

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