Reset & Refresh Kit

SGD $320 SGD $418

Breathe life into dull and lacklustre skin with this Refresh & Reset Kit which includes 24% bonus value!

Kit includes:

1)  LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy

The LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy is a revolutionary facial device powered by 7 proven technologies for a personalised facial to help you achieve your dream skin wherever you are. It combines the power of Galvanic Ion Therapy that goes deep within your pores to give your skin a thorough cleanse, Sonic Vibration Therapy of up to 8,000 micro-vibrations per minute to boost blood circulation and promote detoxification, LED Light Therapy (Red Light to stimulate collagen regeneration, Blue Light to calm breakouts and Green Light to brighten skin tone), Thermal Therapy (35°C to 45°C) to enhance product absorption and Cryo Therapy (12°C to 15°C) to refine pores and calm reactive skin. Experience the future of skincare wherever you are.

2) LumiGlow Enzyme Cleansing Pods, 90 pods/bottle

A waterless, enzymatic 3-in-1 skin conditioning makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliator in the form of travel-friendly pods that are gentle enough for all skin types.

Powered by four superfruits that are exceptionally rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants - Pineapple Extract, Mango Extract, Georgia Peach Extract, and Lemon Extract, the pods are designed to gently melt away makeup, sunscreen and impurities from the pores without stripping the skin of moisture, ensuring a deep cleanse without uncomfortable tightness. Each pod also gently activates the skin’s microcirculation to exfoliate the skin by dissolving the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a new skin layer, a great alternative to acid exfoliators for sensitive skin with low or no tolerance for acids. Specially formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is completely safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

3) Mini LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum, 5ml

A supercharged gentle chemical exfoliator harnessing the power of 10% PHA, combined with the soothing properties of Kakadu Plum to speed up skin turnover rate and remove the build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum to reveal smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin, while minimising pores. A resurfacing facial in a bottle, it transforms dullness for an ultimate dose of a healthy glow.

4) Mini LumiGlow TXA Brightening Cream, 10ml

Clinically proven to reduce the size of pigmentation spots by up to 67.1%, this smart moisturiser is designed to brighten the skin thoroughly to illuminate dull skin, lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation, correct discolouration, and blur out pores, revealing a fresher and more even skin tone.

Pair with the LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy in Mode 4 (Sonic Vibration + LED Green Light Therapy) to slow down the production of melanin to reduce pigmentation, and signs of sun damage for overall skin luminosity.

Not applicable with promo codes and rewards. 

Expertly programmed into four facial treatment modes, the seven technologies equipped in the LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy transform the skin and recreate personalised spa-like experiences from wherever you are, providing a one-stop solution to address and target all skin care concerns for all skin types.

MODE 1 (CLEANSE): Thermal Compress (35-39°C) + Sonic Vibration + Galvanic Ion Therapy
After removing makeup, apply ést.lab cleansers on wet skin before gliding the device around the face and neck for a deep cleanse. Do not rinse or wash the device under running water after use. Clean the probe head with an alcohol swab or wet wipe and be sure to wipe it dry.

MODE 2 (FIRM): Thermal Compress (40-45°C) + Sonic Vibration + LED Red Light Therapy
After cleansing, apply ést.lab serums and glide the device around facial contours to boost collagen regeneration, improve skin elasticity, and plump up fine lines, while enhancing the absorption of active ingredients. This mode is best paired with the serums from the ést.lab VitaLift A+ range to target wrinkles, expression lines, and sagging skin.

MODE 3 (SOOTHE): Cryo Compress (12-15°C) + LED Blue Light Therapy
After cleansing, apply ést.lab serums and glide the device around facial contours to cool and calm the skin, kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce redness, and soothe inflammation. Pair this treatment with serums from the ést.lab ActivCalm range for dehydrated, reactive skin, and the ést.lab PurClear range for acne-prone skin.

MODE 4 (GLOW): Sonic Vibration + LED Green Light
After cleansing, apply ést.lab serums and glide the device around facial contours to reduce pigmentation, improve clarity, brighten overall skin tone, and boost skin luminosity. For best results, pair the serums from the LumiWhite range with this treatment mode to target dark spots, pigmentation, and dull skin.

Recommended usage: We advise the treatment duration of Mode 1 not to go beyond the recommended timing of 1 minute and Modes 2-4 to not go beyond the recommended timing of 3 minutes or once your skincare is fully absorbed, whichever is faster. Device will automatically power off after 3 minutes.

1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the device.
2. Four modes can be selected. Press the power button to switch between each mode.
3. Battery Low: LED light will flash and device will auto power off after 10 seconds.
    • Battery Charging: Flashing red light on the device
    • Battery Fully Charged: Solid blue light on the device
4. Please charge the battery occasionally to avoid battery from ageing due to lack of usage.
5. Please do not overcharge the device or leave it charging overnight. When charging is complete, please unplug the charger.
6. Please use only the original charging cable that is included with the device. Refrain from using other charging cables to avoid damaging the device.
7. Use the device with dry hands and do not use while bathing or in the shower. Do not rinse the device with water or submerge it under water. Use a wet tissue to clean the device after use and be sure to wipe it dry. 
8. Please refrain from using it with products containing Vitamin C and exfoliating acids (apart from ést.lab products) as it may cause discolouration of the device head over time.

1. Is LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy suitable for all skin types?
It is suitable for all skin types and you can personalise your facial treatment based on your skin concerns.

2. Can I use the LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy on its own?
We do not recommend using the device on dry skin as it may cause tugging on the skin, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. The device also helps enhance the penetration of active ingredients of your skincare products to boost efficacy for best results.

3. How long should I use it for?
We advise the treatment duration of each mode to not go beyond the recommended timing of 3 minutes or once your skincare is fully absorbed, whichever is faster as we do not recommend the device to be used on dry skin.

4. Can I use more than 1 mode each time?
We recommend using Mode 1 (Deep Clean) + either Mode 2 (Nutrition) or Mode 3 (Boost) or Mode 4 (Vibration) for each use. By using only 1 mode at a time, it provides an optimal targeted treatment for more visible results. We do not recommend using the Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy concurrently as it may negate the benefits. We recommend using them on alternate days or based on your skin concern for that day.

If the device is turned on but not in use, it will automatically power off after 12 minutes. Device is intelligently programmed to protect and preserve battery life.

5. How long does a full charge take?
A full charge takes approximately 2-3 hours.

6. Does it come with warranty?
Limited warranty is available against defects in material and workmanship when used in accordance with the user manual for a period of SIX (6) months from date of purchase.

7. What is included in the box?
It includes a LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy, device holder, user manual and charging cable (beneath the box insert).

8. What battery does it use?
It is a USB-rechargeable device.

9. Can I wash the device?
The device is not waterproof because of the LED bulbs on the device. Please use the device with dry hands and refrain from using it while showering. Do not rinse the device with water or submerge under water. Use a wet wipe to clean the device after use and be sure to wipe it dry.

10. Is it normal for the device to feel warm while in use or after use?
It is normal for the device to feel slightly warm especially while using Mode 3 (Boost) as the device generates heat during the process of cooling down for the cryo compress. The heat will dissipate after a couple of minutes.

11. Can I use the device with other products?
You can use it with your serums, creams and biocellulose masks but for optimal results, we recommend using it with ést.lab products which have been tried and tested with the device to achieve the best results.  The device also helps to enhance the penetration of active ingredients in your skincare products so good formulations also play a very huge part in achieving optimal results. Please refrain from using it with products containing Vitamin C and exfoliating acids (apart from ést.lab products) as it may cause discolouration on the device head over time doe to wear and tear but please be assured that this does not affect the efficacy of the device. 

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