VitaLift A+ OPC Antioxidant Cream

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Size: 50ml

✔ Fragrance-Free
✔ Paraben-Free
✔ Phthalate-Free
✔ Sulphate-Free
✔ Mineral Oil-Free
✔ Alcohol-Free

Powerful antioxidant ability to eliminate free radicals and maintain skin’s youthfulness. Improves cellular vitality and boosts cell renewal. Nourishes the skin to quickly replenish nutrients and moisture to restore softness and elasticity back to the skin.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • ACTIPHYTE® of GRAPE SEED or grape seed extracts have been shown to be a rich source of one of the most beneficial groups of plant flavonoids, specifically proanthocyanidins (also referred to as procyanidins). Procyanidin extracts have demonstrated a wide range of pharmacological activity. Their effects include an ability to increase intracellular vitamin C levels, decrease capillary permeability and fragility, scavenge oxidants and free radicals, and inhibit destruction of collagen.
  • ENERGISOMEQ10 stimulates the synthesis of ATP which is the main energy source for the majority of cellular and muscular functions, including the synthesis of DNA. As we age, dermal levels of ATP decline and creates an energy deficiency, thereby affecting skin appearance. ATP is effective in providing anti-ageing protection, as well as skin-moisturising and soothing properties. Additionally, as a major energy molecule for all intracellular processes, ATP also plays a major role in skin rejuvenation.
  • ACTISOOTHE™ is able to reduce the induction of COX2 (cyclooxygenase) enzyme, mediating inflammatory responses. Clinical trial tests showed that ACTISOOTHE™ is able to reduce skin reactivity to irritants and reduce the visible effects of UV damage, including skin redness and flakiness.


  • Maintains skin’s youthfulness
  • Improves cellular vitality
  • Boosts cell renewal and metabolism
  • Nourishes the skin to replenish nutrients and moisture to restore softness and elasticity back to the skin

Suitable for all skin types, especially fatigued, ageing skin