LumiWhite Brightening Serum

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Size: 30ml

✔ Fragrance-Free
✔ Paraben-Free
✔ Phthalate-Free
✔ Sulphate-Free
✔ Mineral Oil-Free
✔ Alcohol-Free

Multi-action dark spot corrector that protects the skin against UV damage and suppresses the synthesis of pigmentation for a fairer, brighter complexion. Contains Vitamin C to lighten and provide protection against harmful UVA rays.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • STAY-C® 50 is a stable derivative of Vitamin C. Vitamin C serums decreases melanin content in human melanocytes by 57% and visibly lightens and evens out skin tone. It has exceptional defence capability against UVA induced melanin formation.
  • WHITONYL® has an innovative and complete anti-pigmenting activity, limiting melanogenesis by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase and the quality of melanin synthesized, giving the skin a luminous glow and ultra-refined complexion
  • DermalRx® SRC is clinically proven to exfoliate 375% dead skin cells for a brighter and smoother complexion in 3 days and reduce skin roughness by 26.2% in 28 days


  • Vitamin C lightens and protects skin from UVA rays
  • Suppresses melanin synthesis and pigmentation formation for fairer, more luminous complexion
  • Increases the rate of keratin metabolism for a smoother and more refined skin texture
  • Rids epidermis of skin dullness
  • Corrects uneven skin tone and brightens dull skin

Suitable for all skin types, especially dull and uneven skin tones

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