Beat That Shine

$130 $146

Beat That Shine @ $130 (Value $146)
1. ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse 110ml
2. PurClear Acti-Biotic Normalising Cream 50ml

For days when skin feels oily.

Beat that shine from stay home days. Give your skin a proper cleanse with the ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse, a soothing, soap-free foam cleanser made up of a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients that balances skin's pH and dense micro bubbles that deeply penetrates pores to remove dirt, sebum and impurities without stripping skin of moisture.

Follow on with the PurClear Acti-Biotic Normalising Cream, a multi-beneficial cream that helps control oil, balance skin's PH, remove surface debris to reduce whiteheads and blackheads and refine pores for a clear and matte complexion.

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