Blemishes Begone

$240 $278

Blemishes Begone @ $240 (Value $278)
1. ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum 30ml
2. PurClear Nano Silver Essence 50ml

For days when skin feels temperamental.

Beat pesky breakouts with this Blemishes Begone duo. Soothe inflammation and sensitivity with the ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum that contains Chamomile extract to calm sensitive skin prone to redness and strengthen skin’s immunity. It is also formulated with Cordyceps extract to reduce skin reactivity to irritants and minimise harmful effects of UV radiation. Gentle enough for eczema-prone skin too.

Follow on with PurClear Nano Silver AG+ Essence, an anti-bacterial soothing gel enriched with botanical extracts and nano silver to strengthen skin, clear & prevent the formation of acne & blackheads effectively. If your skin tends to be dry and dehydrated, this gel essence can be used on the T-zone or as a spot treatment for acne.

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