Mini Serums Travel Kit

SGD $100 SGD $176

Curated kit which includes 5 of ést.lab’s all-time bestselling serums in luxury mini sizes and a pack of ActivCalm Makeup Removal Wipes to keep your skin glow and fresh while on-the go! Kit includes:

1) VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum, 5ml
Unlock genetic youthfulness with our VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum, a powerful youth-preserving serum designed to reboot fatigued skin, delay all signs of biological skin ageing and accelerate cellular renewal for youthful looking skin.

2) ActivCalm Quick Soothing SOS Serum, 5ml
Uplift your mood and stress-proof your skin with this fast-acting soothing serum with anti-pollution benefits that is clinically proven to soothe irritated skin by up to 60% within 1 hour and up to 100% in 24 hours.

3) ActivCalm Skin Quenching Serum, 5ml
An electrolyte-filled cocktail that works like an energy drink for your skin to effectively quench and soothe dehydrated skin by drawing and locking moisture in the skin barrier, which in turn optimises the other ingredients to rebalance the skin’s microbiome and reduce skin sensitivity.

4) PurClear Anti-Acne Serum, 5ml
A gentle and non-comedogenic serum formulated with Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Alpine Willowherb Extract to regulate sebum production, minimise pores and fight breakouts for a healthy-looking complexion, while leaving skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

5) LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum, 5ml
Concocted with a high concentration of 10% PHA, this skin changing serum is formulated especially for sensitive skin to instantly smoothen skin texture, improve clarity, boost radiance, refine pores and minimise breakouts dramatically in the most gentle, soothing way.

6) ActivCalm Makeup Removal Wipes, 60 wipes/pack
Take the day off with ActivCalm Makeup Removal Wipes that effectively remove waterproof makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture, keeping it soft and supple.

✔ Fragrance-Free
✔ Paraben-Free
✔ Phthalate-Free
✔ Silicon-Free
✔ Sulphate-Free
✔ Mineral Oil-Free
✔ Alcohol-Free

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