Pore-fect Kit

SGD $350 SGD $509

Clear up breakouts with this limited edition kit that refines enlarged pores, fights acne and decreases sebum production from inside out for healthier, more refined and smoother-looking skin. Unlike typical anti-acne solutions that are drying and harsh, this Pore-fect Kit is gentle yet powerful enough to deliver real results. Kit includes:

Gentle yet powerful serum that works to keep breakouts at bay (thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of tea tree oil and willow herb extract) and fades acne marks while also making sure your skin stays plump and hydrated.

Non-drying purifying mask powered with power acids Salicylic Acid (BHA) and Mandelic Acid (AHA) to deep cleanse, exfoliate and soothe skin redness while acting like a vacuum to the pores to draw out excess oil and toxins to combat congestion.

Soothe and hydrate with this airy moisturiser that melts nicely into skin. Wonderfully light and non-sticky, leaving the skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and protected at all times. The soothing powers of this lightweight moisturiser is amplified with its quick desensitising action that is able to reduce skin redness and discomfort in just 7 days. 

  • Limited Edition Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift & Sculpt Facial Roller (worth $106)

Handcrafted from Rose Quartz that is known as the stone of self love, self care and healing, this Vibrating Facial Roller stimulates circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting your face.

With 3 levels of vibration (Low intensity (single light) 6,000 RPM, Medium intensity (double light) 10,000 RPM, High intensity (triple light) 15,000 RPM), this Rose Quartz Facial Roller supports lymphatic drainage and helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Take your pick between the 2 roller head options: the smooth roller head for a relaxing facial massage to alleviate negativity and tension, or the ridged roller head for a stronger face lifting and sculpting effect.

Includes an on-the-go pouch in a perfect size for your daily essentials or skincare minis for your next staycation!

  • ést.lab x Drea Furoshiki Cloth Wrap (worth $35)

Designed by Andrea Chong with nature and self-care in. mind, this Furoshiki Cloth Wrap makes gift wrapping a lot more sustainable! A gift within a gift, use it to wrap a gift — or as a makeshift tote bag or a good-looking and discreet way to carry wine this holiday season! This is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Value: $509, 31% savings

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