Quench & Shield

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A power couple that feels weightless on any skin type. Designed to hydrate and protect, Quench & Shield is the perfect starter kit to healthy skin.

1. NEW ActivCalm Skin Quenching Serum, 30ml
Take skin hydration to the next level with our latest hydration trump card, an electrolyte-filled cocktail that works like an energy drink for your skin to boost hydration from deep within, reducing skin sensitivity to achieve glowing, healthy and resilient skin.

2. Sunshield Aqua SPF 50***, 50ml
Lightweight and non-sticky, yet more hydrating than ever while shielding your skin against harmful UVA, UVB and blue-light exposure. A powerful and weightless-but-hydrating tinted formula for lightweight coverage without clogging your pores, leaving your skin soft, smooth, radiant and ready to take on the day.

Value: $226, 20% savings

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