1. What skin type is ActivCalm suitable for?

ActivCalm is formulated specially for hyper-sensitive and dehydrated skin; to calm, soothe, repair and protect delicate skin.

2. Is the ActivCalm range non-comedogenic?

The ActivCalm range is not non-comedogenic but the products are formulated specially to treat sensitive skin to reduce redness and sensitivity.

3. What is the diference between ActivCalm Ultra Hyalusol Serum and ActivCalm Ultra Calm Serum?

If your skin is dehydrated and prone to sensitivity, we will recommend the ActivCalm Ultra-Hyalusol Serum that helps to deeply hydrate and rebuild the skin barrier. A strong skin barrier helps protect skin against external stressors, and prevent trans-epidermal water loss which ultimately leads to other skin issues. For sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation, we will recommend the ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum which contains botanical extracts to calm sensitive skin prone to inflammation and strengthen skin’s immunity to restore skin to its optimal health.

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