ést.lab is proud to be the official skincare partner of the new season of Asia's Next Top Model, the top rated programme on Pay TV in 2017.



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“I wanted to share with you guys this product because I think it is super cool. It’s a water-proof tinted moisturizer that has a SPF of 50, and it adapts to the colour of your skin. So it literally changes to match the colour of your skin, which is so cool!”

Cara G Mcilroy, Supermodel & Model Mentor of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6

“A good sunblock is essential in everyone’s life! I personally like ést.lab sunshield Aqua SPF 50 because it’s lightweight, fragrance-free and it offers sheer coverage so you can skip foundation and concealer!”

Ya Hui, Actress

“近期四处奔波,皮肤遭受冷风和阳光的摧残,为了确保可以保持最好的状态回来拍戏,所以不能不带着它们一起飞!ést.lab VitaLift A+ 保肤品是我行走的美容院。”

Jesseca Liu, Actress

“Not like the usual exfoliating scrub which has drying effect on my skin, LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub removes dead skin cells with moisturising effect. I gave the LumiWhite brightening serum a go and felt that my skin pigmentation got better. Formula is very bright, non-sticky & easily absorbed into the skin.”

Wahyuni Kurniawati, IG @yuniqueyuni

“Introducing my daily skincare routine ést.lab SunShield Aqua SPF 50 & ActivCalm Ultra Hyalusol Serum. Been using it for more than 2 weeks and there’s visible results. I like how it feels on my skin, the finish is non-greasy and light. The sunscreen double up as a makeup base for me too! Most importantly, it doesn’t give me breakouts – my greatest concern when it comes to skincare.”

Ophelia Oliveiro, IG @opheliaoliveiro


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