science & technology

“The challenge today isn’t about aligning beauty with Science, it must be anchored in it. Beauty must be qualifiable, consistent, and above all, efficacious.”

Gladys Teo, PhD 
Head of R&D

With Science and Innovation as its cornerstone, ést.lab is created out of an extensive research and development programme to achieve the highest rates of safety and efficacy for your skin. 


Harnessing the best of Science and Technology

Together with Singapore’s leading R&D agency, A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), we have developed the SkAI (Skin Analytics and Ingredients) Matrix, a proprietary framework used as an evaluation tool and materials database to guide us in selecting and formulating the most relevant and highly effective products in beauty cosmetics.   Containing a list of ingredients and materials developed by the world’s leading manufacturers, SkAI benchmarks each item across 4 main categories, namely Safety, Efficacy, Compatibility and Marketability. Through data analytics, the most desirable ingredients and materials are shortlisted and developed into sample formulations, which are then sent for clinical trials to confirm levels of efficacy in vitro and in vivo before being approved for manufacture.