1. Is VitaLift A+ SmartSculpt Buddy suitable for all skin types?
Designed to cater to all skin types, this versatile device can be applied to various areas including the jawline, forehead, cheeks, neck, arms, waist, thighs and glutes. Think of it as a robust workout session for both your face and body that promotes an instantly more lifted, toned and sculpted appearance with a healthy glow.

2. Can I use the VitaLift A+ SmartSculpt Buddy on its own?
We do not recommend using the device on dry skin as it may cause tugging on the skin, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Programmed with three different modes for different needs, it is best used together with the VitaLift A+ SmartSculpt Booster, a hydrating and lifting cream that is formulated to amplify the SmartSculpt Buddy’s capability in achieving enhanced tightening, firming, and lifting results.

3. How long should I use it for?
We advise using it for 5-10 minutes daily for optimal results.

4. How long does a full charge take?
A full charge takes approximately 3 hours.

5. Does it come with warranty?
Limited warranty is available against defects in material and workmanship when used in accordance with the user manual for a period of SIX (6) months from date of purchase.

6. What battery does it use?
It is a USB-rechargeable device.

7. Can I wash the device?
The device is not waterproof. Please use the device with dry hands and refrain from using it while showering. Do not rinse the device with water or submerge under water. Use a wet wipe to clean the device after use and be sure to wipe it dry.

8. Is it normal to feel a tingling sensation while using EMS?
Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can be a unique experience for each person. Feeling a slight electric tingling sensation during use is completely normal. In some cases, you may not sense the stimulation, but rest assured, incredible muscle toning is happening beneath the surface.

9. Can I use the device during pregnancy?
We do not recommend using it during pregnancy but it is a great device that can be used after pregnancy to tone, tighten, firm and lift your skin.

10. Can I use the device with other products?
For optimal lifting and firming results, we recommend using it with the VitaLift A+ SmartSculpt Booster which has been tried and tested with the device to achieve the best results. The SmartSculpt Booster is an activator designed to conduct EMS for noticeably lifted, sculpted and tightened skin for a more youthful complexion. After your face treatment, remove any excess cream and follow with VitaLift A+ serum and moisturiser for optimal results.