LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub

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Winner of The Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buy 2016
“Best Exfoliator”

Size: 50ml

✔ Paraben-Free
✔ Phthalate-Free
✔ Mineral Oil-Free
✔ Alcohol-Free

Removes dead skin cells with a moisturising effect using exfoliating beads made from natural sources, which are bio-degradable and environmental-friendly. Skin will not feel dry and tight after exfoliation, revealing skin’s natural glow.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • PENTAVITIN® has a high moisture-binding capacity for a deep moisturising effect, and it also protects the skin against irritants and lowers skin sensitivity
  • JOJOBA SEED POWDER is a natural, biodegradable exfoliating scrub, providing gentle exfoliation without leaving microlacerations on delicate skin with the added moisturising benefit of jojoba oil
  • CELLULOSE ACETATE has an excellent exfoliating ability to remove dead skin cells and rid dirt from pores. Made from 100% natural materials, it is bio-degradable and eco-friendly.


  • Made from 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly exfoliating beads
  • Removes dead skin cells and accumulated dirt from the epidermis with moisturising effect
  • Gentle exfoliation to prevent microlacerations
  • Reveals skin’s natural glow
  • Restores skin’s smoothness
  • Maximises the absorption of skincare products

Suitable for all skin types, especially dull and uneven skin tones

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